Oct 222014

Best Outfit Winner First Prize: BjornDenzel.
Best Outfit Winner Second Prize: Gwen (pourri Resident).
Best Outfit Winner Third Prize: Niko (niko2dj Resident).

Slideshow pictures by Toby Atlass.

Oct 202014

Having  a bad hair day? You aren’t alone. Come join us at the ZEUS Salon as we wash and blow dry your golden locks during our…


Join our famous stylist DJ Kadie, (She does an awesome set!), and our top beautician Shaun, (He can make you look just like Michi!), for dancing, music, and the latest gossip! Some lucky guests will also win a gift from Blue Balls! Leave the comb at home because the three people who get the most votes for the best, WORST hair will share the L$1,200 prize! We will see you there!

Bad Hair Party

Sponsored by Blue Balls.


It must have hurt when you fell from Heaven… ;-)

That’s right Zeusers, this week’s theme party is… Angels! Join our AWESOME DJ Michi and host Shaun for Heavenly music, sexy winged dancers and Blue Balls prizes given away! The three best-dressed angels as voted by YOU! and everyone else partying in the clouds will share the L$1,200! Whether you are a cherub, Guardian, Seraphim, [...]

Bye Bye Summer

It’s always sad to see Summer’s end, but what makes it easier is the glorious entrance of Autumn. Those beautiful reds, golds, oranges, browns, yellows and greens. At this week’s theme party we celebrate… Autumn Colors! Join the always colorful DJ Michi and host Shaun for an amazing Fall Party! Wear your favorite outfit showcasing [...]

As requested…

Sigrid asked for it, so all of us are going to get it. This week Zeus Club will glam up for the famous, (maybe that should be infamous)… DRAG PARTY! Join our fabulous twins DJ Michi and host Shaun for a diva-licious romp through the stiletto footed, makeup loving, sparkly wig filled world of the [...]