Sep 162014

Sigrid asked for it, so all of us are going to get it. This week Zeus Club will glam up for the famous, (maybe that should be infamous)…


Join our fabulous twins DJ Michi and host Shaun for a diva-licious romp through the stiletto footed, makeup loving, sparkly wig filled world of the Drag Queen! There will be awesome music to strut your stuff and sexy Blue Balls prizes randomly given away! Wear your most fantastic outfit because the three Divas, (male, or female, or whichever…), who get the most votes from our sequined covered crowd will share the L$1,200 prize!

Drag Poster

Sponsored by Blue Balls.



Join us this week as ZEUS Club enters the Technicolor world of… CARTOONS! Come join the always amazing DJ Kadie as she spins her TOONful tunes while gifts from Blue Balls randomly fall from the rainbow filled sky. Wear your best outfit, or avatar because the three Toons that get the most votes will share [...]