Aug 202014

Best Outfit Winner First Prize: Niko Reverie (niko2dj Resident).
Best Outfit Winner Second Prize: Jackson DiArmani- Ʀȼѵȼгɪȼ (JacksonMarks Resident).
Best Outfit Winner Third Prize: Houston DiArmani-Ʀȼѵȼгɪȼ (HoustonHeart Resident).

Slideshow pictures by Toby Atlass.

Aug 202014

The Zeus Club Amphitheater. All those sea gulls, salty spray and sweaty bodies. It’s time to clean it up. So, let’s have a


Join us as your squeaky clean DJ Michi and our bubbly host Shaun rock the Amphitheater with an awesome set! You might win a Blue Balls gift just for dancing in the suds! Wear your best outfit, (or the one you just really need cleaned), because the three people who get the most points from the soap covered voters will share the L$1,200 prize! See you there!

Foam Party

Sponsored by Blue Balls.