ZeusClub GayRadio


ZeusClub GayRadio is the first Gay Radio with a virtual Dance Club. Create an Account at Second Life and visit the Club.

Meet online other Listeners from all over the world and dance with us the night away!



dj-pultDJ Franko Box (Cologne, Germany) dj-pult

Music is my life. I feel so lucky to have an opportunity to share my passion with you ;)


my new Mixer (xone 92)

DJ Box live every Friday Night at Zeus

here my last Live Sessions:







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  21 Responses to “ZeusClub GayRadio”

  1. Love this station. The music and the mixes are incredible please please please can we get the playlist and or the names of these rawwwkin tunes and the artists and versions :)

  2. we are working on this feature for the near future ;)

  3. OMG! God bless your amazing music! I will like to know how can I do to download remixes like this! if anyone know´s… please response this comment

  4. Thank you Orion, we will put every Week a new Club Mix for download here on the page.

  5. Thank you very much Franko, this track is amazing you now!!! Congratultions! I love house music!

  6. Seriously, the *BEST* club mixes, EVER – inside and outside of SecondLife. ZeusClub GayRadio is a perfect representation of what it is really all about! Only the best and you got it… Thanks! <3 Helios Ghost

  7. Hey everyone,

    I’d like to give my compliments to the DJs of ZEUS Gay Club Radio and say that I am very happy to have you all with me all the time. Thanks so much to be part of my life. The sounds that you play here make me fell better all nights. From now this Radio are going to be my first place at the Virtual Life.


    Noslioj Petrov

  8. Hello:)

    I love this place! Why ?! Beacouse i meet wonderful people :) And i always dance in real life, when i play zeus radiio <3 GREAT JOB<3

    I will be your regular customer :)

  9. Я был в Вашем клубе и мне очень понравился он. теперь буду посещать его всегда))))

  10. i translate the entry from Alexey29 ” I was in your club and I really enjoyed it. Now I will visit it always)))) ”

    +++ and sorry i was a bit lazzy last weeks with updates.I promise to improve for the future +++

  11. DJ Box ROCKS!!!

  12. Thanks so much Franko, about puting the tracklist of the shows. It’s a good idea of you. This site now is going to be very helpfully.

    Noslioj Pretov

  13. Hey I’d like to give my sugestion to you. You should put a kind of chat on this site. Sometimes we know from wich place there are people online but we like to talk to them but it isn’t possible. So here are my sugestion. Thanks!

  14. Hey Franko,

    Please update the show #18 that is linked to the show #17.


    Noslioj Petrov

  15. thx Joilson u right,, sorry i change the link ;))

  16. Please please please…..upload sets to sound cloud for download…..i need and love them so much

  17. Hi Shane, you can download allway my last Set from this page direkt, we do not need SoundCloud, I test Soundcloud allready but to store there more then one track u need a Pro Account,

  18. Huuummm, Congratulations!

    I liked very much the new players on this page. Becomes more friendly. Sucess!!!

    Noslioj Pretov

  19. Hey Franko,

    Please, where is the shows number 28, 29, 30 ?. I realized the you don’t put them on this site.

    Thanks in advance.

    Noslioj Pretov

  20. Hi Joilson, sorry for that. I had some technical problems with recording the live session, The sets 28-30 are lost ;(.

  21. nice trance muisc in i love this radio :))))))))

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